GesellschaftProf. Didem Gürdür Broo

Prof. Didem Gürdür Broo

Director des Cyber-physical Systems Lab an der Uppsala University

Imagine a world where education is tailored to each individual’s needs, abilities, and interests. A world where technology augments human intelligence, fostering lifelong learning and equal opportunities for all.

The ongoing AI transformation demands a paradigm shift in how we approach education, from childhood to professional development, to nurture the skills and mindsets necessary for operationalizing AI for the benefit of the society.

For pupils, AI can personalize learning experiences, offering adaptive resources, and identifying areas for additional support. Curricula should introduce critical thinking so the next generations would be more resilient towards many side-effects of fast technological advancements. For students, transdisciplinary programs that blend systems thinking, design thinking, data literacy, ethics, sustainability, and human-centred design principles are vital. Such programs should promote collaboration between humans and intelligent systems, fostering mutual learning and preparing graduates for careers that require seamless human-AI partnerships.

For professionals, continuous learning is essential to stay up-to-date of rapid AI advancements. Industry-academia collaborations, online courses, and workshops can provide lifelong upskilling opportunities. Moreover, AI can facilitate personalized professional development by recommending relevant resources based on individual goals and knowledge gaps.

Our education systems must empower learners of all ages to navigate the AI-driven world, leveraging AI’s potential while upholding human values and ethical oversight. By embracing lifelong, personalized, and interdisciplinary learning, we can cultivate a future workforce capable of shaping AI’s impact on society more responsibly. The journey begins by reimagining education as a continuous, critical and empowering process.

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